About me

After seriously reconsidering that Marie Curie was able to have both family and a carrier I studied experimental Physics at the University ov Belgrade. I learned that core of the physics is not natural but human made formalism for describing the nature, and visioning complex phenomena for science fiction literature. I also realised that there is no real finding withouth looking into smallest details and fitting them into general frame. That is not possible withouth exchange of knowledge - traveling, visiting, listening. So I started my journy from othodox physics through neurobiophysics to central neural system emotional cognition.

Research interests


Neuroscience and cognitive neuropsychiatry with a primary focus on emotional processing systems, emotional cognition, emotional memory and emotional verbalization. Brain imaging, dynamical physics, statistics, neurophysiology and computational modeling techniques are applied to questions of how human brain process emotions in varius populations. Current research efforts focus on finding the differences in interdependence of varius brain areas in healty people and psychiatric patiens during varius emotional task processing.

Big blue


When I look around I see a endless blue circle. There is a star in it.

To make a difference in world one makes constantly small steps forward.

It is irrelevant if we choose direction rationally or impulsively - we always reach the same final point.